Sunday, December 15, 2013

Forever Single?

I don't get it. 

I'm the only one out of my group of friends that has never had a boyfriend. 

Ever since I came to College, I thought that I would meet a guy that I liked or even have a good guy friend. 
But nope, I don't even have any guy friends nor any interested suitors. 

Just for once in my life I don't want to be the third wheel. That's all I'm asking for. The third wheel is a special role. At all times you feel as if you are intruding on a conversation, especially if they start to cuddle and kiss each other. I cannot absolutely stand being around that.  

I'm just hoping and praying that when the right guy does come around, hopefully soon, it makes up for the  years I have spent being single.  

But as of right now, I am forever single.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


School is fabulous...

My roommate? Not so much

As a freshman in college I was faced with sharing a room for the first time. At first I thought I would love it, until I actually shared a room with a girl I have only talked to over the phone.

If I knew what I would of had in store this year, I would of moved out a long time ago.

First off let me tell you a little bit about myself.

  1. I am very very organized with the way my room is and I must clean at least twice a week.
  2. I love the cold. Therefore the room I stay in must be cold.
  3. I am a morning person and enjoy going to bed early. 
  4. Coffee is the main reason I function every day. 
  5. I love candles but because we cannot have them at school, I have resorted to wall plug-ins.
Now my roommate on the other hand? I only see her "clean" when we go on breaks. She enjoys the room to be warm (she left it on 90 one day, remind you I'm going to school in Florida). She sleeps in until 12 everyday when she does not have class.

So you could say there is a little tension in the room, especially when the boyfriend comes to town. I just do not enjoy seeing them make out on her bed, do not even bring up the noises they make. 

Long story short.
Pay the extra money for the single. 
It will be worth it.
Trust me.